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Albany is located some four hundred and twenty kilometres south, south east of Perth on the south coast of Western Australia with the Sub-branch occupying the ground floor of ‘The Stirling Club’ at 14 Stirling Terrace, overlooking the Princess Royal Harbour.

Ross Steel Memorial Rose Garden Board

Staffing Levels

Like all other RSL sub-branches across Australia, the Albany Sub-branch history captures the history of Albany, since shortly after Federation, through the involvement of the returned men and women in the town’s affairs and business and community development.  The names of past Presidents and office bearers feature prominently in the list of town/city dignitaries; in Council, in business, in sport and in the array of community clubs and associations.

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L to R: Phil Maguire, Peter Aspinall and Laurie Fraser outside the RSL



Getting in touch

Albany Sub-branch is managed solely by volunteer office bearers, with no manned office and a very limited response capability. Messages cannot be left because a telephone voice message does not operate.

The form below will create an email that will be sent to Geoff McNeill.

2017 Albany RSL Commitee

Geoff McNeill
Home: 08 98417662
Mobile: 0427417662
Email: mcneillgb@bigpond.com

Vice President:
Roger Smith
Home: 08 98413295
Mobile: 0417837441
Email:  rjasmith@westnet.com.au

Belinda (Bindi) Rowland
Home: 08 98483438
Email: bindy900@hotmail.com

Sherree Parsons
Home: -
Mobile: 0419 951 714
Email: cherryblossom59@live.com.au

Editor "On Parade":
Laurie Fraser MBE OAM
Home: 08 98444695
Mobile: 0400446954
Email: clanfraser09@bigpond.com

Parade Marshal:
Mick Tugwell
Home: 0421647301
Email: tba

Avenue of Honour Custodian:
Alan Stone
Home: 08 98423726

Pension Officer:
Phil Maguire
Home: 08 98421787
Mobile: 0447813163
Email: philjmaguire@hotmail.com

Cadet Liaison Officer:
Graeme Palmer
Home: 08 98441110
Email:  pga28447@bigpond.net.au

Property Officer:            
John Beamon JP        
Home: 9842 1414
Email: tba

Graeme Bott
Home: 9844 4255
Email: tba

Geoff McNeill
Home: 0427417662
Email: mcneillgb@bigpond.com

Management Committee

Roger Smith
Belinda (Bindi) Rowland
Geoff McNeill
Laurie Fraser MBE OAM
John Beamon

Special Functions

Laurie Fraser( Chair)
Roger Smith
Sheree Parsons
David Theodore
John Benson
Peter Aspinall
Phil Maguire
Mick Tugwell

Amelioration Committee

Peter Aspinall
Geoff McNeill
Cliff Whittingstall

Property Officer

John Beamon

Up to six days can pass between Sub-branch officers attending the office. Similarly emails can remain unanswered for like periods.

Contact needs to made directly to the Secretary Ms Belinda Rowland as follows: A welfare/pension advocacy and assistance service operates on Tuesday mornings for service members and non-RSL veterans and their dependants in the region.

As the Albany Sub-branch is located beneath the Stirling Club, visiting members and friends are welcome to use the facilities of the Club on production of their RSL membership card although please note that its operating hours are limited.

Please note that the Albany RSL Sub Branch does not operate a staffed office. Pension and welfare officers are in attendance each Tuesday morning from 9.00am, at all other times the office is unattended. As recorded telephone messages may not be accessed for, possibly, up to six days, this service is not staffed by employees.

The Albany RSL Sub Branch is located under the Stirling Club,
14 Stirling Tce
ALBANY, WA, 6330

Address all correspondence to:
The Secretary,
Albany RSL Sub Branch
PO Box 241
ALBANY, WA, 6331

Telephone: (08) 9841 5188
Email: albanyrsl@bigpond.com